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Medal-Winning Wines

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Award-Winning Wines That Please Your Palate

Freas Farm Winery believes that producing wine and raising a glass is a cultural ritual that fosters friendship, joins the arts, brings families together and unites communities. Below is a list of our award-winning farm-to-table wines that we hope you'll enjoy.

In order to promote this friendship and community, we offer several discounts on our wines for bulk purchase as well as a 10% discount for military personnel. We also offer shipping as local laws allow. Visit us today to try some of our wines. You may find a new favorite!

Enjoy Our Award-Winning Wines, Ports & Meads!

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Bulldawg Blues

2017 Gold Medal Winner


Banner #2

Core of Our Existence

2018 Silver Medal Winner

Apple Wine

Banner #3

Queen of Tarts

2017 Silver Medal Winner


Banner #4

Vida's New Blend

2017 Silver Medal Winner


Banner #5


2017 Silver Medal Winner


Banner #6

September to Remember

2018 Bronze Medal Winner

Dry Rosé

Banner #7

Mystical Miracles

2016 Bronze Medal Winner

Landot Noir and St. Croix

Banner #8

Blood Sweat and Cheers

2017 Bronze Medal Winner

Dry Red

Banner #9

Three Turns With the Lathe

2016 Bronze Medal Winner

Vineyard Blend


2018 Silver Medal Winner

Pinot Grigio

Banner #11

Athair Láidir (Port)

2016 Silver Medal Winner

Port Style Wine

Grand Lady

Double Gold Medal Winner

Hibiscus Mead

Great service every time we go. The owners Steph and Patti are great at what they do and their passion is able to be tasted in their wines... you have a selection year round that will satisfy your palate.

Victoria Martinez

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